What is Grip?

grip is independent department on set that builds and operate complex equipment such as dolly, tracks, sliders, cranes and everything that supports the cameras.

What is a Key Grip?

Key Grip is the head of Grip department. He/She goes on technical scouts and makes solutions for camera positioning.

What is a Best Boy?

Best Boy is a grip guy who is a right hand to Key Grip. Takes care of communication within team and with production.

What is a Dolly Grip?

Dolly Grip is a specific person that operates the camera dolly.

What is a Dolly?

Dolly is a wheeled cart that camera is usually mounted on. It has hydraulic arm, that can move vertically. It can be used on tracks to move horizontally as well.

What is a Grip Truck?

Grip Truck is a custom truck for grip equipment. Usually needs to take a lot of load.

What is an Apple Box?

Apple box is a box made out of wood and serves for underlying the camera or other grip equipment. In bigger elevation is used to underlay tracks.

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